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Sarah-Jane Smith

Learning Standards and Effectiveness Officer

Doncaster Council

I have had the privilege of working collaboratively with Rachael supporting school leaders, teachers and practitioners in the early years. She has a wealth of knowledge and passion for early childhood development and education which is infectious. As an effective communicator Rachael’s skills and craft in supporting colleagues to reflect on their practice, provision and understanding are integral to her approach. Consequently, not only is she adept at improving provision and outcomes for children but also in securing positive impact of continued professional development of adults. Always a pleasure to work with and learn from.

Sadie Mercer

Foundation Stage Year Leader

International Community School, Abu Dhabi.

As a teacher in the UAE it is great to be able to connect with Rachael to stay up to date with the latest research, guidance and 'best practice' models in the UK that we can use in the classroom with our early years children. 


Rachael is extremely knowledgeable in her field and the way in which she shares her expertise and information makes it easily accessible for all staff. She provides opportunities that provoke you to 'think outside the box' considering learning experiences through the eyes of the child. 


Rachael provided opportunities for my team to reflect on their practice, taking into consideration the needs of individual children and their learning environment whilst keeping a holistic view on child development. This has made a great impact on our professional development within the team and intern the children's progress. It has been a pleasure to work so closely with Rachael at Honest Childhood.

Sarah Harrison

EYFS Teacher

Bentley New Village Primary School

I first met Rachael when I became an EYFS moderator in our local authority.  I considered myself very lucky to be paired with Rachael, as it was my first year working as a moderator and I was extremely nervous and eager to do a good job.  Rachael immediately put me at ease and made me feel extremely comfortable and a valued part of the team.


Rachael has a unique quality to be able to lead, support and guide in a quiet, calm and professional manner. I was overwhelmed by her wealth of knowledge, confidence and expertise in the Early Year Foundation Stage. She taught me how to confidently, interact and lead conversations that allowed the teachers we moderated to feel comfortable and happy to share their knowledge about the children they worked with.


Rachael has such a positive attitude, with a drive to make change and support others she works with. Her genuine love and passion for the Early Years is infectious and totally inspiring to be around. 

Laura de Cabo

Senior Educational Psychologist

Doncaster Council

Having worked with Rachael, I can say that she is one of the most diligent, enthusiastic and determined professionals I have ever met. Working with Rachael was an authentic pleasure because of her excellent teamwork skills and her assertiveness, as we always had excellent communication and effective meetings.


She was a great asset to our Councill and someone we could all learn from, as she was always keen to share her expertise with others and offer her advice whenever we needed it.

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